Biotechnology Health Management and Care, LLC, is a consulting firm geared to assist the early stage biotech firms in the area of strategic partnerships, customer discoveries, organizational design and developments, and entrepreneurial leadership advising. We have the privilege to work with some great minds in the industry that are tirelessly searching and creating solutions for some of today’s problems by their biotechnical applications. We consider biotechnology health as an acknowledgment that biotechnology has aided in the advancement of human health for patient care for decades. Without ingenuous breakthroughs, certain health situations would be unchallenged.

Evens and Kaitin (2015) point out that during the 1980s, major biotechnology firms set a high priority on endocrine and blood disorders. They mention that “five companies developed sixteen products addressing twelve clinical indications, and in 1982, insulin was the first biotechnology product using recombinant human protein to receive FDA approval (p.214).” Kück and Dinkel (2015) define the term biotechnology as “the use of biological processes, organisms or systems to manufacture products intended to improve the quality of human life.” As an interdisciplinary science, biotechnology combines knowledge from a wide variety of disciplines, including biochemistry, bioinformatics, genetics, microbiology, chemical engineering, and process technologies. The process of development can take many years to complete and clinical trials testing for the product to be applied to the human body.

We understand that biotech entrepreneurs have a lot to consider in the early stages, and we are here to assist. Biotechnology Health Management and Care, LLC provide insights on the importance of understanding that entrepreneurial leadership as a crossroad of leadership and entrepreneurship. A biotech entrepreneurial leader is unique, and they require a supportive network that involves recognizing and acting on entrepreneurial opportunities. The distinctive leadership style of entrepreneurial leadership is continually being researched and defined.

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